5 Things to consider while Replacing Roof Gutters

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Things to consider while Replacing Roof GuttersWe all know that roofing is considered one of the important parts of your home which you need to focus on because of it many of the situations are being taken cared in a better manner like. As we know that there are many benefits which we can avail if we are taking proper care of your roof which is being installed in our home. But many times we have observed that we forget up the cleaning and maintenance of the roofing gutters which are installed in it. And because of it you need to go for the process of replacing roof gutters. Because roof gutters are considered to be having equal importance too, with the help of it all the accumulated water can be flow downwards and the roof is being maintained in a better manner.

So if your roof gutters are being damaged than it is the duty of the home owners to go for replacing roof gutters which are installed in your home. there are many things or we can say that many matters which you need to take in to account at the time of going for replacing roof gutters like the sizes of the gutters which you are going for, color, materials, and the styling of the gutters which you can go for, etc. and many more of the things which is considered to be the things which you need to take in to account at the time of going for replacing your gutters.

Things to be considered while replacing your roof gutters

  • As stated there are many things which can help you in the matters of replacing roof gutters which are installed in your home. The further information will provide you with all the information which you are in need it.
  • In accordance to my views it is considered to be important to knowing and measuring up the size of your roof gutters which you are going for replacing. It is considered to be important because with the help of it you will be able to get proper ideas about the measuring which you need while replacing roof gutters in your home.
  • The color, materials which you are going for at the time of complying with this process is needed to be focused because it is going to increase up not only the fitting but the look of your home too. There are many different types of colors and styles which are available in the market which you can go for at your home.
  • Not only that but you need to go for checking up the fascia condition which can help you in the matters of replacing roof gutters at your home. Because many times we notice that the gutters which are installed are perfect but due to its base which is being attested to it have become weak and this affects the installed gutters which get damaged.
  • So before installing the new gutters in your roof it is considered to plaster up the base of it where you are going to install because it will help you in making stronger bond of the roof gutters which you are going to go for at your home.


How To Clean Your Roof

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Cleaning roofIf you are suffering from the issue of ugly stains on your roof or having a roof full of debris then you might have researched various things to clean your roof and the results you got might be conflicting. Before hunting for the solutions to clean your roof, you must find the reasons as to why and how your roof is getting dirty. Basically you need to clean your roof when it is attacked by the stains and the things behind stains are algae, lichens and moss. Cleaning your roof becomes a necessity when it is attacked by these things. If you don’t clean your roof even after you inspect these things on your roof then it can damage your roof very badly. Here are some of the methods to clean your roof in an appropriate manner.


  • Low pressure, non-bleach, ecofriendly method for cleaning your roof

Those roof cleaning companies which make use of this method for cleaning your roof uses most of eco-friendly products to clean your roof. They use high grade products which do not contain any kind of toxic chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. These things can also harm your vegetation and it can also pollute your waterways. This method for cleaning your roof does not take into account brushing or high pressure scrubbing. This method gives you the ultimate result which is perfect and really quick. All the things which hindered you like lichens, moss algae all will be gone out of your roof even before your roofing contractor leaves your house. The result of this method for cleaning your roof is that quick so you would be clearly satisfied. Here use of eco-friendly products is done which are designed in such a way to clean your roof gently and in a safe manner. But there lays a disadvantage, this method is really expensive due to the use of high quality products instead of using cheap bleach and chlorine mixtures.

  • Chlorine and bleach roof cleaning method

This method of roof cleaning takes into account use of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite and trisodium phosphate which is also known as TSP. This mixture of chemicals is sprayed on the roof and it is left in the same situation so that it can dry out properly. After that it can applied as many times as needed. This method might not avail you with instant result. Lichens or moss or algae which do not go away instantly will go eventually with the rain water. Both methods for cleaning your roof is very easy and effective. You can try any of them and get the best results out of it. It depends upon the type of roof you have that which type of method you want to select for cleaning your roof.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiberglass Roof

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People want new technology as per the changing time and many technologies have also emerged which have fulfilled the expectations of people. Firstly it was only wood or metal roofing prevailing in the market of construction of roofing but now there are many other methods such as asphalt roofing, fiberglass roofing, steel roofing which have took its stand in constructing the roof. One of the most fascinating and attractive method of roofing is fiberglass roofing method. This method is easy to install and can be attested to roof. The roofing contractor helps the homeowners to concrete their decision regarding this roofing method. Fiberglass roofing is new method to insulate in your roofing. The fiberglass is structured from a slim glass fiber including silica which is blend together to make it strong. There are many advantages of fiberglass roofing but there are also disadvantages which the homeowner must keep into consideration before installing it into their roof.


  1. The main phenomenon behind using fiberglass roofing is its versatile structures and different colors and styles. Simple fiberglass roofing sheets are also available but homeowners like to install it because of it upgraded look which consists of fascinating colors and designs on it which gives a different look to your roof.
  2. Fiberglass roofing is fire resistant in nature. It helps in protecting the house from wind, rainfall, storm, etc. There are less possibility water drainage and leakage if maintained in a proper manner.
  3. Fiberglass roofing is light in weight as compared to other roofing methods. As metal roof and wood roof are weighted but fiberglass roof is light in nature and with different and fascinating styles on it.
  4. It has longer life period in cool weathers so it is preferable to install it in the cooler region places.
  5. The materials which are used in preparing the fiberglass roof are less expensive and are easily available in the market so its installation cost is less as compared to other roofing method, it is easy to fix it and saves time of the roofing contractor installing it.



  1. While installing fiberglass roofing the roofing contractor must nail is properly with proper negligence so that it does not gets damaged because it is not metal or wood, it is made of glass, so proper installation of fiberglass roofing is important because if not installed properly than it can damage the home.
  2. Maintenance of fiberglass roofing is not easy because it will need proper guidance and appropriate materials to fill in the cracks which had occurred due to any unwanted weather. The life of fiberglass roofing is not more than thirty years because they are made up of glass elements.
  3. Air exchange issues are noticed after installing fiberglass roofing in your home because ventilation is important for every home and due to its glass structure it is not easily possible of ventile region to exchange the spoiled air to the pure air.
  4. As this roof comes in cutted and shaped sheets so manual cutting is also required for more better and enhanced look of the roof where it is been installed.



Essential about Roofing New Homeowner Must Know

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Roofing essentialsBefore purchasing the house you must be considering many of the things like value, condition, location and many other things. But what after you purchase that house? Do you still pay that much attention? I guess it’s a no. You might even not be knowing what to do next. Here is a simple suggestion you can go through the home inspection report and see towards what is not proper and what need to be done to make it in a proper condition. This home inspection might be showing some of the minor issues which if ignored may turn out to be major if they are not paid proper attention. The first thing you should be starting up with is your roofing. It’s the primary thing for your protection and thus it should be in a good condition. Here are some of the things which you should look forward to while inspecting your newly owned house.

  • Warranty and insurance

There are several properties which come along with the transferable roofing warranties. If you have acquired such a house, it might add more value to your house. If your new house possesses this warranty then you don’t need to worry about your roof’s repairs and maintenance cost as it is covered under the insurance. The insurer or the roofing manufacturer will be under liability if any of the repairing cost comes and you are free from this stress. If your new house is not having such insurance then you should take one for your peace of mind.

  • Condition of the material of roofing

There is variety of materials available for roofs. Roofs can be of metal, wood, slate, tile, shingles or any other. The durability, condition, long lasting factor may not be same for all of them. Some might last for longer period of time while some fail to do so. So keeping this thing aside you must hire a professional roofing contractor to check out your roof and inform you regarding its damages. If your roof is having leaks, punctures,curling , billowing, buckling or broken shingles then it affects to the structural integrity of your roof and it might result in an expensive repair or even lead to the replacement.

  • Repair, maintenance and replacement

Investing in a property is indeed a big decision and a financially bulky one. Thus it’s really essential to know about those expenses which might have a chance to arise in future. To limit up those expenses, get an estimate of the maintenance cost to emerge or the repairing expenses. Detect these expenses and try to figure out the urgency of doing them. Repair all damage of your roofing as soon as possible and don’t keep for a future date as it can be more troublesome and more expensive in future. After investing in these make a schedule of regular inspection of your roof to be satisfied about having a healthy roof. Don’t try to do this things by yourself trust only a professional roofer or roofing contractor for safety.


Roof maintenance tips for you

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Roof maintenanceThe roof is one of the most important parts of your home. You should take proper care of it to ensure its durability. The durability and the longevity of your home depends a lot on the roofing. Any problem with the roofing such as leakage or damage may increase the vulnerability of your house. You must be wondering how one should maintain their roof? Well it is not a very difficult task and you can do it yourself if you follow a few simple things. Proper maintenance of your roof will ensure that the roof lasts for a long time. Any future costs will also decrease if properly maintained, this way, you don’t have to be worried about the condition of your house. In turn, your homeowners insurance should also decrease.

There may be several reasons behind the damage to the roof. It may be due to the growth of fungus, mold, mosses, etc. due to certain things such as garbage, branches, leaves, etc. Also if there are any trees hovering over your roof, then it has the potential to damage your roof. The surface layer may even peel thereby causing water to seep in and give rise to damping.

You should carry out a close inspection of your roof regularly at least twice or more a year. As soon as you spot any damage or algae growth, you should take immediate steps to remove this. To repair the damaged part, you can contact a roofing contractor as it may not be possible to fix it on your own. If there are any metal parts in your roof then potential for rusting is possible.

Advantages of a wooden roof top

April 21, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Roofing

The roof of a house is like the icing on a cake. Not only for beauty but it is the shelter that protects us. Although there are various materials that can be used like metal, slate and clay tiles but wood is a popular and common choice for owners and builders.

A wooden roof helps in insulation and keeps the house warm. It allows a free flow of air between the wooden shafts. Moreover wooden shingles are long lasting and can withstand expansion and contraction due to weather conditions. Wood is light, can be carved using simple tools and allows snow to drain off easily and ensures protection from strong winds and hurricanes.

In fact wood is available in plenty in the US because of its geographical location and is therefore quite cheap. A wooden roof top is not only aesthetic, earthy and contemporary to look at, but also offers several advantages.

Shingling your Roof step by step

January 25, 2011  //  Posted by: viewmybuild  //  Category: Roofing

Shingling your roof on your own can save money.


Laying Felt and Flashing

1. Nail one strip of tar paper along the bottom edge of your roof, spaced every 12 inches, along each edge of the felt.

2. A second strip of felt paper should be rolled out farther up the roof from the first overlapping the top edge of the first by two inches. It should be nailed in place and rolling out should be continued till you reach the top of the roof.

3. One layer of felt should be nailed over the ridge line of your roof.

4. A strip of flashing is nailed along the edge of your roof, nestled tightly.

Laying Shingles

1. One tabless shingle is nailed in the corner of your roof.

2. A second tabless shingle is nailed next to the first. Nailing tabless shingles is continued till you reach the edge.

3. A full shingle is set in place above the first row, overlapping by 5 inches and nailed.

4. Laying shingles and nailing them in place is continued in layers till you reach the roof top.

Attach the Roof Truss on Top of the Block Wall

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A ledger is to be installed on top of a block wall before you can attach the roof trusses to it.


1. The width of the block and the length of the wall are measured.

2. The board is measured and cut for the length of ledger for the wall.

3. A mark is made 1 ½ inches inward from the end of the board and a line is snapped. This is repeated on the other opposite edge.

4. Along the length of the chalk lines marks are made every 12 inches with the pencil and pilot holes are drilled on each mark.

5. The ledges are set on top of the block wall and drilled into the block through the pilot holes.

6. The ledger is secured by driving a 3 1/2-inch concrete screw into the block.

7. After marking the location of the roof trusses, they are set and secured with a joist hanger using the hammer and nails.

This step is repeated to attach the remaining trusses.