Best shades for little bathrooms

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shades for little bathroomsAre you on a mood to paint up your small bathroom? Well, that’s great as a new coat of paint always ensures a refreshed feel inside. But remember that you have to be really smart when it comes to a small washroom space. It’s because smaller bathrooms won’t let you experiment with colors and wrong choice of hues can make the bathroom appear dinghy and unwelcoming. However, don’t worry as there are plenty of color options that can make your bathroom look really becoming. The article here is a brief on right color choices for a little bathroom.


White would be a fantastic choice when you are worrying about your small bathroom space. The color carries a wonderful pristine effect that lights up the entire bathroom creating a spacious feel inside. In case, you think plain white is too monotonous, you can have it with yellow, peach or pink undertone.


Next to white, it’s yellow which rules when it comes to small bathroom colors. It’s best to go for the butterscotch shade here. The particular shade comes with a vibrant cheery effect without being too loud- again there is something really light about the color without being too bleak.

Pale Pink

Pale pink is another most viable choice while painting up the small bathrooms. The particular shade of pink is a wonderful blend of coolness and warmth which makes it one of the most perfect picks for a little pink. Much like white, pale pink also helps to create the illusion of more space in a small chamber.


You certainly cannot miss out on aqua, especially when you are fond of a trendy décor. The aqua shade is a brilliant mix of blue & green which altogether renders a rejuvenating effect inside, akin to a tropical sea.

Bathroom Renovation Essentials

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Bathroom RenovationYour home’s bathroom is the place which should always be neat, clean and well arranged. If you have a bathroom which is dingy, have leaking pipes and de-coloring walls, then maybe its time for a renovation. First of all, you need to check what kind of repairs you need in the bathroom and depending upon that, you should select the items required for the renovation. If you’re planning to change the tiles, go for tiles which look bright and give the bathroom an edgy look. White ceramic tiles are traditional but there’s nothing wrong in bringing in some contemporary styles in shades of red, black or even green.

You should make sure that there’s at least one vanity cabinet and several closets or cabinets to store your cosmetics, toiletries and towels. The lighting is also very important. Have one right light over the vanity cabinet and go for softer lighting for the rest of the bathroom for a serene feel. Have room fresheners to keep the bathroom fresh at all times. Also an exhaust fan is a must have to get rid of the dampness.

Bathtub resurfacing tips for you

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Bathtub resurfacing tips, bathroom maintenance tipsIf you choose any three things from your house that are used frequently in a day then the bathtub will be the one to top the list. Your bathtub may have become old and you are planning to get a new one, think again. Buying a new bathtub and then getting it installed all over again can be a bit costly. To avoid that you can choose the option of resurfacing your bathtub. This is a much cheaper solution as compared to buying a new one.

If you have a little patience then the resurfacing will be done in just hours and it will look like new again. There are chemicals that are used to resurface your bathtub and these chemicals can be harmful. So it is better that you protect yourself while working with them. The bathroom should be well ventilated so that the fumes of the chemicals go out quickly.

Bathroom taps buyer guide for first timers

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Buy bathroom taps, bathroom accessoriesBuying water taps for your bathroom can sometimes be quite tricky. The reason behind this is the options you have in the market. There are many types of taps available with different structure and valve. These are made up for different water systems and may not suit the bathroom water system you have. Buying the wrong one will result into a tap with unsteady water flow. So first of all you must know the water pressure that your water system gives.

After this you must know the type of basin or bath fittings you have. This will ensure that you buy the correct tap made for you. as there are many options available you must be sure of buying the one that suits your budget as well as your bathroom decor. So while shopping for the taps make sure you have a great knowledge about it. You can even buy it online with a wide range to select from.

Bathroom renovation tips

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Bathroom renovation is necessary after a few years of regular use. This keeps the bathroom cleaner and healthier. You need to decide on a budget when you are remodeling your bathroom. Do not sacrifice on the quality of the bathroom materials. Make a clear plan of how many tiles you need the kind of faucet and sink you have to install. If you want to remodel the electricity and plumbing get experts to do that.

Get reputed workers to work in the renovation of your bathroom. Buy all the bathroom materials yourself from good shops. You can buy a few extra tiles as some may break while installation. Try and re-use existing cabinets, shower doors and bath tubs. You can re- decorate your existing mirror and make it look attractive. You can get some stuff from antique dealers or second hand stores. You can also change the wallpaper of your bathroom. This is a cost-effective method.

How to clean your bathroom tiles using items from your kitchen cupboard

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Bathroom is an essential part of your life and the cleanliness of a house can make or break the sale of a house. The tiles that are used in the bathroom are very useful as it is easy to maintain and clean. But if tiles are left for long it accumulates soap deposits and minerals making it look dirty and molds also grow on it.

You would need good cleaners and a decent elbow grease to clean the bathroom tiles. Begin by spraying the bathroom cleaner with a clean scrub sponge which depends on how dirty the tiles are. Spray the cleaners from top to the bottom of the tiles.

Scrub the entire area well and scrub in circular motion by applying a little bit of pressure. Once you are done with scrubbing rinse off the area with warm water. You can also use white vinegar to remove the hard grit from the tiles.

Ways to keeps your bathroom furniture nice and moist free

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Bathroom is one area in the house which needs to be kept clean always as it is the place where maximum germs thrive. You need to follow a few simple steps to get a clean and moist free bathroom.

Firstly, the counter tops and the sinks need to be really cleaned well. This takes very little time and after each time you use the bathroom wipe off the counter top well. Include this in your daily chores and make it like a regular routine job. When the toilet paper is over replenish your supply. Always wipe the top rim of the toilet seat after every use. This will help it to remain dry all the time. You will just have to wipe the top portion of the toilet with a moist toilet paper on a regular basis and you will not believe how clean and moist free your toilet would be.

Installing Single Hole Faucet

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Single-hole faucets having a clean base line can be mounted to any sink or counter.


1. The water pipe valves should be closed under the sink by turning them clockwise.

2. The old faucet should be removed by unscrewing the nut from the bracket underneath the faucet at the base of the mounting hole. Using a pair of plumbing pliers, the faucet hoses should be disconnected from the water pipes by turning them counterclockwise and the faucet should be removed from the sink’s hole.

3. The faucet hoses and base should be inserted into the mounting hole in the sink. The bracket, washer and nut should be placed over the faucet’s base under the sink mounting hole and the nut should be tightened.

4. The faucet hoses should be connected to the hot and cold water pipes by attaching the connectors to the ends of the pipes and turning the connectors to the right.