Recycle and reuse: things at home

April 24, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Improvement

Recycle, home improvementWith the growing concern of people towards the environmental risks we pose for the world, it is essential to do one’s part in being environment friendly. Since our ecology has a limited number of resources it is best to use our resources efficiently and wisely. We can reuse and recycle a great many of the products we use at home.

We can reuse most of the broken furniture and plastic bottles to create something very creative and decorative over time. We can even recycle them and use them. One easy thing to do is ending all our used paper and plastic for recycling. This s very helpful for the environment as recycled paper and plastic are easily used again. Even using something to its utmost is best for all consumable goods. For example reusing plastic bags and bottles can go a long way to save costs and protect the environment.

Get warm water without electrical equipments at home

April 12, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Improvement

solar energy , alternate energyIf you are much in to saving electricity in your home, then you can use many other energy options, other than electricity, to warm water in your water. Water heaters or geysers consume a lot of power while they are switched on thus your electricity bill also rises steeply. Instead of using conventional electricity, you can use solar energy to warm the water. You can simply install a solar panel on the top of your house and connect the water heater system with it thereby saving a lot of electric power and also lowering the electricity bills.

If you want lukewarm water, then you simple place the water on a flat bowl and place it under the sun for a considerable period. The water slowly gets warm after few hours. Here only the solar energy is consumed which comes for free. You can also use the solar cooker to heat the water. The solar cooker can really give much warm water to satisfy your needs.