Tips to keep your study organized

August 24, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Care

Tips to maintain study room, home maintenanceNow a days’ time has become a very important factor in everyone’s life. Most of the time people lack time to keep their bedroom, study area and other parts of their home organized. Especially if you are working in any educational field, study at home is mostly beyond control. Papers keep gathering in the bin and the floor, the surface of the study desk gets messy, drawers get loaded with past bills and people often are not able to find anything they are looking for. It is always important to keep your study area organized.

Firstly a laundry basket needs to be purchased to keep books that are lying everywhere. Next task is to clean drawers in your study area. Take out old bills, envelops, loose papers, receipts and other unwanted stuff. For this you can use a shoebox. Finally gather your pen, pencils, eraser and other accessories and keep them in a box so that your study area remains organized.

How to Add a Dash of summer to Your Home

August 17, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Summer home decor, home decorIf you want to give your home a summer makeover, you can actually come up with a lot of great ideas. There are a lot of magazines which could guide you regarding the décor which would suit the surroundings of your home. There are several summer themed colors which you can experiment with. The combination of blue and yellow would look great in any room, giving it the feeling of a beach like surroundings.

The curtains and the bed sheets can be in those shades. Have a nice gift basket and keep fresh fruits there. This could be kept in the kitchen so that it gives a nice country home feeling. Jute rugs and mats also add the essence of summer in the dining room and kitchen. If you are thinking about repainting, try earthy colors like brown or even matt wine red. Use these ideas and give your home a great summer look.

Bathtub resurfacing tips for you

August 10, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Bathrooms & Accessories

Bathtub resurfacing tips, bathroom maintenance tipsIf you choose any three things from your house that are used frequently in a day then the bathtub will be the one to top the list. Your bathtub may have become old and you are planning to get a new one, think again. Buying a new bathtub and then getting it installed all over again can be a bit costly. To avoid that you can choose the option of resurfacing your bathtub. This is a much cheaper solution as compared to buying a new one.

If you have a little patience then the resurfacing will be done in just hours and it will look like new again. There are chemicals that are used to resurface your bathtub and these chemicals can be harmful. So it is better that you protect yourself while working with them. The bathroom should be well ventilated so that the fumes of the chemicals go out quickly.

How to keep your wooden furniture termite free

August 03, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Furniture

Tips to maintain wooden furniture, furniture maintenanceCleanliness is next to godliness- this saying is very true. If your surroundings are clean and neat, you will find it easier to feel blissful and at peace with your life. Termites are a big problem in many houses. They attack any wooden items and weaken them from within by turning it into dust. Long term termite attack might also lead to severe damage to the house itself. That is why proper inspection and cleaning should be done regularly.

Ask an exterminator to do a complete sweep of the house depending upon the extent of termite infestation, the solution will be fixed. If the extent of damage is too large you might even have to shift somewhere else for a day or due to the chemicals and gaseous substances that might be used to kill the termites and clean up the place. After the termites are killed, ask a health inspector to check for further issues. Once that’s settled, start with the repair work. Replace any weak wooden items or floorings if needed.